Don't let your health be derailed by your biology...

You don't have to settle the signs of aging - defy them!

If you've been struggling with low energy, hormone imbalances, gut issues, not crushing workouts like you used to & you feel like you're walking around with a "fat suit" covering your sexy strong physique, you're in the right place!

Not too long ago, I was pushing my body to it's limits with 2-a-days, always on a diet, muscles wasting away, super low energy, crazy mood swings, funky periods & finding it impossible to sleep.

I was gaining weight & building frustration instead of energy & muscle!

I knew that things would change as I aged BUT darn I didn't expect it to happen this fast and to struggle, despite all the knowledge...I thought I had!

I was using my default techniques that worked for me in my 20's to drop weight and increase my metabolism but turns out the same plan wouldn't work for me in my 40's.

I quickly found out I wasn't alone as my patients were struggling with the same issues.

In a quest to biohack my own biology and slow down the aging process I discovered a few things along the way that worked well for my clients and me as well!

The most important lesson I learned was to test and not guess what was going on as supplements and fancy treatments were really expensive and not targeted to what exactly was out of balance.

Knowing that I wanted to target my treatments based on testing, I teamed up with Ixcela - the internal fitness company - to test client's internal fitness to determine where to focus on their health, fitness & stress management.

The Ixcela test's 11 metabolites provide information that helps me create custom wellness plans with nutrition, workouts and stress management techniques for each client.

My custom plans save you from spending hours searching for the next magical supplement, or treatment that promises results only to let you down...again.

If you've read this far you clearly don’t want to feel & look average as you age for the effort you are putting into your workouts - do you?

You want to look & feel extraordinary for life, so why listen to the same average BS that’s been put out there for years with just another 1,000 calorie HIIT workout, magic herb, superfood or diet plan?

Own your health and get some answers for what your body is saying you need to defy aging...not what worked for someone else.

It's hard to get results without DETAILS ON YOUR HEALTH & I certainly didn't get them until I focused on what was lacking in my internal fitness report...

I’m here as proof along with many others to show that testing not guessing is a game changer when it comes to your internal fitness.

When you are armed with knowledge to act on you can defy aging by biohacking your biology.

Why spend another day wondering... Will I ever find the right supplement, diet, workout program or doctor to help me?

When you have the option to test and to know exactly how and where to target your efforts you can be your own best doctor.

You have everything inside of you right now to restore your internal balance and slow down the aging process to look and feel better than you did in your 20's.

The good news is you’re in the right place to learn all about how to own your health, biohack your biology and defy aging!

What you’ll get from hanging out with me….

- Tips on how to develop keen body awareness - Tools to manage stress naturally that you can incorporate into your daily routines right now - A deep dive into your Ixela - internal fitness labs that can tell you exactly where to focus - How to use your baseline heart rate to determine your readiness for workouts - How to use “wearable” technology to gather key recovery data & use your breathing to condition your heart to manage stress effectively during the day & with workouts - How to eat to get the sexy, strong fit body you desire - How to build a lifestyle of resilience to life’s stressors - Tools & the steps to restore your metabolism - Fun, effective cardiovascular conditioning workouts that won’t drain & deplete you

I can help guide you to get the sexy, strong & fit body you want if you are willing to put in the effort to create a lifestyle that builds resilience to stress while fueling your metabolism.

The first step in owning your health & getting results is to know where you are going to target your efforts.

Why waste another moment searching for your miracle solution and wondering if it will work this time?

Get the answers you need and the guidance you deserve to make real change and defy aging for life!

In Health, Dr. Jannine Krause

Course Features

  • Weekly Q&A Sessions & a Tribe

    Get your health questions answered and troubleshoot as you go along with weekly assignments and Q&A sessions. Daily support within the course community. Dr. Krause is there every step of the way to guide you on your path to own your health.

  • Accountability & Tracking

    The best way to hit your health & fitness targets is to track your progress. Having a system to track your targets provides you with the accountability you need to succeed.

  • Two - 30 minute 1:1 Virtual Visit with Dr. Krause

    Two - 30 minute visits with Dr. Krause. One to review your results and discuss goals. The second at the end of the 12 weeks to discuss next steps for success.

  • A Custom Wellness Plan

    A custom wellness plan from Dr. Krause that includes nutrition, meal plans, workouts and stress management techniques set just for you based on your Ixcela internal fitness results.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • What to Expect from the Own Your Health Program

    • Zoom Link for Thursday Night Q&A Sessions

  2. 2
    • AM Meditation Audio

    • PM Meditation Audio

  3. 3
    • Who do you want to become?

    • Day 2 Audio

    • Day 3 Audio

    • Day 4 Audio

    • Day 5 Audio

    • Day 6 Audio

    • Day 7 Audio

  4. 4
    • Positional Parasympathetic Breathing Intro

  5. 5
    • Lumen Basics

  6. 6
    • Course Intro - Support


    • Lesson 1 - Getting Your Mind Right

    • #1 of 3 Things: Reverse Negative Thoughts

    • #2 of 3 Do Not Settle

    • #3 of 3 - Focus on Little Victories

    • Superhero Vs Supervillan

    • Set Your Environment Up for Success

    • Set Your Kitchen Up For Success

    • Daily Mindset Work

    • The Three Things to Master

    • Homework for Lesson 1

    • Brag Book And Gratitude Journal

  7. 7
    • Day 8 Audio

    • Day 9 Audio

    • Day 10 Audio

    • Day 11 Audio

    • Day 12 Audio

    • Day 13 Audio

    • Day 14 Audio

  8. 8
    • It's All About Breathing

    • Create a Schedule to Reinforce Your Routines

    • Find Your Superwoman Stance

    • Identify and Ditch Energy Vampires from Your Life

    • Module 2 - Homework

  9. 9
    • Super Power Habits

    • Sleep and Wake Cycles

    • Movement During the Day

    • What Liquids are You Drinking ?

    • Identify the Habits that Serve You and Those that Do Not

    • Tracking Your Routines - Module 3 Homework

  10. 10
    • Food is Energy - it's not GOOD or BAD

    • Relationship with Food Homework

    • What is Your Relationship with Food?

    • Food as an Experience

    • Homework - Food as an Experience

    • Start Tracking Your Period for Module 6

  11. 11
    • How You Manage Stress Predicts Your Longevity

    • All About Cortisol

    • Anatomy of the Adrenal Gland & Neurohormones

    • Cortisol Release Patterns Causing Imbalances

    • Identifying your "bears"

    • Reconnect With Your Nervous System


    • Creating your own routine based on your "bears"

    • How to Complete the Reconnect Journal

    • Adrenal Reset Routine Planner Instructions Video

    • Adrenal Reset Routine Planner

    • Adrenal Reset Routine Planner Guide

    • Channel the 5 Year Old Inside You!

    • Reconnecting with Your Nervous System Homework

  12. 12
    • Hormones 101

    • Hormone Balancing

    • Hormone Testing

    • Hormone Tracking Homework

    • Balancing Hormones is Key

  13. 13
    • Introduction to Module 7

    • Positional Parasympathetic Breathing

    • Pelvic Tilts for Lumbar Mobility & Stability

    • Qi Gong Breathing for Pain

    • Crocodile Breathing

    • Devices to track your HRV

    • Heart Rate Variability

    • Try Qi Gong, Tracking Your Heart Rate or Parasympathetic Breathing for one week

  14. 14
    • You Gotta Move Well to Keep Pain at Bay for Life

    • 9 Movements Everyone Should be Able to Do

    • Self Care for Mobility

    • Neck Pain

    • Neck Pain Foam Rolling a Different View

    • Gentle Rocking for Neck on Soft Foam Roller

    • Headache

    • Getting Rid of Foot Pain or Plantar Fasciitis

    • Get Your Shoulder Moving Better

    • Knee Pain on the Inside of the Knee

    • Bicep Pain

    • Knee Pain on the Outside of the Knee

    • Forearm Pain

    • Rib Cage Release

    • Windshield Wiper Hip Openers

    • Stability Ball Rib Cage Release

    • Releasing Pelvic and Low Back Tension

  15. 15
    • Master Your New Skills

    • Reflect on Your Progress

  16. 16
    • Boost Your Energy with Conditioning

    • Re-assess your Mobility and Conditioning

    • Conditioning Basics

    • Conditioning Assessment Instructions

    • Side Lunges with Cross Elbows

    • 90 90 Trunk Stretch Conditioning Mod

    • Leg Swings

    • I, Y and T's

  17. 17
    • Introduction to Oils

    • Morning Oils Routine

    • Mid-Day Oils Routine

    • Evening Oils Routine

    • How to Order Oils

Own Your Health

One time payment for 12 weeks of guidance & coaching including a before & after Ixcela internal fitness test