Want to keep your weight in check while enjoying the holiday foods you love?

Get the biohacking starters guide with this challenge!

  • Personalized Wellness Plan

    Includes: - The Ixcela Internal Fitness test - 2 visits - 15 minutes each - Get a plan that's tailored to your overall health & your individual needs - Includes weekly Q & A sessions - A Facebook community for support that lasts through the new year.

  • Gut Microbiome

    Learn what you can do to improve your specific gut microbiome via Ixcela Internal Fitness Testing to hack your hormones and metabolism while optimizing your health.

  • Nutrition & Fitness

    Learn what foods & styles of workouts are the best for you & your health via Ixcela Testing. Discover what you need to biohack the holidays so you can enjoy the holidays and indulge without paying for it later!

  • Mental Wellness

    Learn what it takes for you to personally become trigger proof with routines, habits & self talk to boost your mental resilience to take you through the holidays and beyond.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome to the Challenge!

    • 30 Days of Tools to Biohack the Holidays

  2. 2
    • Step 1 - Getting Started!

    • Ixcela Detailed Gut Health Assessment - 072921

    • 4 Areas to Focus to Reset Your Health

    • What Chemicals Are Messing with Your Hormones, Metabolism & Overall Health?

    • Toxins in Your Cleansers Messing With Your Health

  3. 3
    • Holiday Party Guide

    • Holiday Recipe Tweaks

30 Day Biohack the Holidays Challenge

Get 30 days of personalized wellness tools based off of Ixcela Internal Fitness Testing that focus on your nutrition, fitness, gut & mental health to jump start your health & survive the holidays. Bonus of extra days of support to get you through the new year!

Why wait for the new year to get your health dialed in?

Don't let the holidays get the best of you!