How to Reset Your Adrenals Fast and Easily

A doctor's step by step protocol to restore hormonal balance, and gain focus to be energized and stress free. | taught by Jannine Krause
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Jannine Krause
Jannine Krause
Naturopathic Doctor

About the Instructor

Jannine Krause, ND, is a naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist and foodie with training from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Krause integrates Traditional Chinese Medicine with functional medicine principles to help people determine the root cause of their problems so that they can regain their health to age gracefully with a strong body, glowing skin and a sharp mind. And she starts sleuthing out health problems by fixing the digestive system first as she believes Hippocrates was right - all disease does start in the gut! Dr. Krause is convinced aging doesn't have to suck and she's on a mission to help people slow down the aging process and prevent age related conditions!

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Are you feeling fatigued, having trouble concentrating, forgetting things, struggling to loose weight or putting on weight despite eating your usual diet? Or maybe you are having trouble falling asleep because the mind is racing or your energy seems to surge at night? You're noticing that you are more sensitive to loud noises, crowds make you nervous, you're feeling anxious and overwhelmed easily? Perhaps you are moody, have daily headaches, and your body aches? Maybe you are missing periods, having hot flushes or difficulties getting pregnant. If you've answered yes to the majority of these questions then you most likely are suffering from signs of adrenal gland imbalance.

Adrenal imbalances take time to develop as they are the result of the body slowly losing it's ability to respond to life's stressors. This course addresses what you need to do right now to reset your adrenals quickly so that you can respond to stress appropriately, send messages to your primal brain that you are not in danger, about to be attacked by a bear or need to store energy (aka fat) for a long journey ahead to get away from the stressors.

Resetting the adrenal glands requires a step by step process which I will take you through in this course. First you will identify which type of adrenal imbalance you have, then you will identify triggers that are contributing to your symptoms. After you have identified the imbalance and the triggers it's time to create lifestyle habits and routines specific to your troublesome times of days. By matching your "chilling out" habits to the times of days where you are struggling you will be able to create habits that send messages to your primal brain that all is good and there's no need to stress. Once you put all those together it's time to put them into place and track them using my "reconnect" journal. As soon as you implement these chilling out habits you will start to see results, that's the quick and easy part. To enhance your results and speed up your resetting l also have included supplement protocols as well as dietary changes necessary to fully reset your adrenal glands. This course is designed to give you quick results with an 8 week maintenance plan to keep your progress going. This course is for individuals that are just starting to notice the effect of stress on their body. This is not a course for those with complete adrenal exhaustion as adrenal exhaustion is a severe condition that will take many months to years to re-establish balance and should be managed by a qualified medical professional.

As an added bonus I have added a little anatomy, more details on the science behind the adrenals and the connection of adrenal imbalance with other conditions that you may have to help you on your adrenal gland resetting journey.

Course Contents

5 Videos
22 Texts
9 PDFs
17 Presentations
2.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Hypoactive Adrenal Imbalance
Hyperactive Adrenal Imbalance
Reactive Adrenal Imbalance