• Jannine Krause

    Jannine Krause

    Naturopathic Doctor

    Jannine Krause, ND, is a naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist and foodie with training from Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington. Dr. Krause integrates Traditional Chinese Medicine with functional medicine principles to help people determine the root cause of their problems so that they can regain their health to age gracefully with a strong body, glowing skin and a sharp mind. And she starts sleuthing out health problems by fixing the digestive system first as she believes Hippocrates was right - all disease does start in the gut! Dr. Krause is convinced aging doesn't have to suck and she's on a mission to help people slow down the aging process and prevent age related conditions!

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  • How Well Are You Managing Stress?

    Feeling easily overwhelmed with everyday matters? In this course I'll teach you how to recognize your stress triggers and manage them effectively

  • Are You Getting Restful Sleep

    Sleep is crucial to recover from daily stress and restores your metabolism overnight.

  • Energy Crashes During the Day?

    Whether you have trouble getting out of bed, you're crashing mid-day or when you get home from work, this course will help you boost your energy so that it lasts all day long.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Course Introduction & A Little Anatomy Lesson
    • Welcome!
    • Welcome Video
    • Course Goals and Plan
    • Course Modules
    • Where are the adrenal glands?
    • Anatomy of the Adrenal Gland & Neurohormones
    • All About Cortisol
    • Cortisol Summary
    • Adrenal Resources Video
    • Top Resources for The Adrenals
    • Big Picture Quiz
    • Next Steps
  • 2
    Hypoactive Adrenal Imbalance
    • Underfunctioning Adrenals
    • Next Step
  • 3
    Hyperactive Adrenal Imbalance
    • Adrenal Excess
    • Next Step
  • 4
    Reactive Adrenal Imbalance
    • Reactive Adrenal Imbalance
    • Next Step
  • 5
    Cortisol Release Patterns
    • Cortisol Release Patterns Causing Imbalances
    • Match Your Imbalance Type with The Protocol
    • The Protocols
    • Adjustments to Adrenal Protocols
    • Next Steps
    • What Adrenal Imbalance Goes with Which Cortisol Pattern?
  • 6
    Reconnect with Your Nervous System
    • Identifying your "bears"
    • ReconnectAdrenalPresentation.pdf
    • How to Complete the Reconnect Journal
    • Next Step
  • 7
    Create a Routine
    • Creating your own routine based on your "bears"
    • Adrenal Reset Routine Planner
    • Adrenal Reset Routine Planner Guide
    • Adrenal Reset Routine Planner
    • Managing Stress Induced Symptoms
    • 4 Ways to Reset Your Adrenals
    • Next Step
    • Energizing Mobility Workout FREE PREVIEW
  • 8
    • Set your breathing routine!
    • Just Breathe !
    • Next Step
  • 9
    Eat Clean, Detoxify and Declutter
    • How's your digestion?
    • Digestive Issues & Adrenal Imbalance
    • 2 Week Detox and Lining Repair Guide
    • Steps to Fix Your Digestive System
    • Fix Your Gut 5 Week Menu
    • Fix Your Gut Shopping Lists
    • Next Step
  • 10
    The Art of Listening to Your 5 Year Old Self
    • Channel the Kid Inside You!
    • Next Step
    • Bonus Next Step: You were your true self at 5
  • 11
    Bonus Section: Test Your Adrenal Function
    • Adrenal Function Testing
    • How to Test Your Adrenal & Metabolic Function
    • Troubleshooting your symptoms
  • 12
    Bonus Section: Adrenal Imbalance & Other Conditions
    • Is your adrenal imbalance connected to other issues you may have?
    • How Cortisol Imbalance Affects Other Conditions
  • 13
    8 Week Re-Check
    • 8 Weeks are what?

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